We care.

We care about people, animals and the environment.

We believe that positive change can be made by our choices as consumers, producers and community members. 

We are a small business developing as we go.

Sometimes we make mistakes, but believe in constantly improving our business.

Every transition we make will be a sustainable one.

We will keep you posted as we learn and grow and hope you come along for the ride.

 A Short Summary

- 100% renewable energy powered office space
GOTS certified 100% Organic cotton Tea Towels
FSC certified Greeting Cards
- Recycled/kraft paper packaging where possible - transitioning to biodegradable sleeves for art prints
- We will never offer a cheap unethical/unsustainable option

    Art Prints

    All of our art prints are currently printed in our office on Epson Archival paper. Georgia originally chose this paper after testing and testing many different products. This won out because it was affordable for a new small business and had a beautiful print result. 

    However, as we are growing we want to use that opportunity to change to a sustainable paper source. We are in the process of testing out Hahnemuhle new hemp paper and will transition to this product if they meet quality standards!

    Any off-cuts from paper, we store away for test prints or to turn in notes, or reuse in some other way. 

    Every time a print isn't perfect or when Georgia is testing new print colours they are carefully put away for a rainy day - when we will have big second samples sale. This is because we feel it would be a waste to throw out an art print which only has a small blemish.

    Work Space

    • Our office is powered by 100% renewable energy
    • We recycle and reuse when ever possible
    • Our food even comes straight from a fantastic organic farm just down the road!

    Tea Towels

    Our tea towels are sourced through Lorna Wiles. This is a lovely textile screen printing company based in Cornwall. We use their large organic tea towels  which have the gold sustainability certification for the cotton industry - GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). The ink used is in production is also water-based and approved as a GOTS input V3. 

    The sleeves are made from a local box sleeve printing company to reduce carbon miles using brown kraft paper and are FSC certified. We would like to move on to recycled kraft paper but just need to find a supplier who can do this for us!

    Greeting Cards

    All of our greeting cards are FSC certified (this is the gold sustainability standard of the paper/tree felling industry). We get them printed in small batches through 


    We now use hemp twine due to its smaller environmental impact and overall effectiveness as a fabric. 

    We use recycled paper whenever possible in our packaging. If this isn’t available we use Kraft to reduce the need for bleach. 

    • Our tea towel sleeve is FSC Certified.
    • Brown Kraft board backed envelopes for art prints and greeting cards
    • Compostable EU standard mailers for tea towels
    • Brown cardboard postal boxes for a mixed order of tea towels and paper goods. 

    Kraft paper packaging for Georgia Camdens Art Prints

    When Georgia started this business, she did so alone, with precious little experience in running a sustainable and ethical business. Being a forward planner, she ordered 500 archival plastic sleeves from a local fine art printing store to house her lovely prints. 

    We now have organised to move to a biodegradable option but realise it will be better for the environment that we see out this lot of 500. So please don’t stress if your print comes in plastic!

    Our goals

    Since becoming more established and learning about ethical and sustainable practices and suppliers our goals have become more defined.

    We want to get to the point that our products have a net zero or positive effect on the environment.

    We will support fellow small businesses and ensure our products are supplied through a living wage. 

    We firmly believe that sustainable and ethical practices should be the goal of every part of every business. We will never offer a cheap option that is unethical or sustainable.